R & D Laboratories Presents...


Our Story

On July 2nd 1947, A flying saucer crash landed in Roswell New Mexico.

Later this vessel was determined by the US Army Air Corps to be the visitors version of a chuck wagon.
Hidden inside was a BBQ sauce which was formulated in a distant galaxy.

An exhaustive search of the area reveled that the little green men knew how to BBQ
( too bad they should of been watching the road and not the ribs )

The news made the front page in Roswell.

The items found in the down craft were taken to Washington DC where Lt Gen. Arthur Trudeau kept such things in his "Nut File" The sauce, along with other trinkets, was taken out to Area 51 where it was successfully "reverse engineered". Scientist were desperate to come up with a plan to get this sauce into the
hands of the public.

The recipe was transcribed on to microfilm for archiving.
Someone close to the operation copied the microfilm and mailed it to R & D laboratories
in a used Captain Crunch box.


We started cooking up the stuff and by some unknown science, aliens, posing as human beings,
were automatically attracted to us and started using the sauce like there was no tomorrow.
(Hmmm. I wonder if they know something we don't)